Useful Tips for Painting Skirting Boards

Have you ever spend a whole day on fitting skirting boards, painting them, and laying them down, then don’t stop reading. Skirting boards should first be painted by placing them on stools and then you can begin the job of fitting them.

After you’re done painting them, leave them to dry. You will then have to cut, scribe and mitre the skirting boards and start fitting them in the room. After you finish fitting the skirting boards, move around the house with mastic gun and fill any gaps or nail holes with caulk from a mastic gun. After that touch it up with the finish coat in the scribes, mitre. The mastic gun can be purchased from any DIY store for a few dollars. Get more information about the Octopus Skirting Boards painting services here.

When painting your walls and you notice a gap between the wall and the painted skirting board, make use of the mastic to seal the gap and then do a coat paint finish. There are different mastic colors to march your painted skirting boards. If your skirting boards are lacquered, the brown or white mastic is the best option. Discover more about skirting board at

Using the directions provided on the tube, you will see how to cut the nozzle and how to get a mastic bead by applying continuous pressure. You can first try it out on a rough piece of paper before actually using it on the skirting boards. In case there’s any excess you can remove it with a water spray gun or paper towels.

After you spray the mastic with water, next use your finger or a mastic scribing card to move along its edge to wipe any excess on the towels. To prevent the mastic from messing up the whole area, you can use masking tape. All the excess will be caught by the masking tape which you can then remove it later on. Ensure that you remove the tape immediately before the setting of the mastic failing which the tape may rip. In so doing, you will achieve a neat and nice finish.

In summary, you should have order and a method of operation to paint your room. The first area to paint is the ceiling, then the walls, doors, windows and finally the skirting boards. You should always ensure that your approach is sensible such that you start at high points just in case there are drips they can be wiped off. If you are properly organized, then interior painting is simple. Get more details here:

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